Stephen Thorne - Kitchens 2


Dogs dozing in front of the Aga, practical pasty making or sleek and stylish cuisine, a Stephen Thorne hand-crafted kitchen will always excel in terms of sheer quality and craftsmanship.

Whether fitted or freestanding, all bespoke designs are made from quality materials – from solid woods to exotic veneers – and prime finished for hand finishing on site. Worktops range from Granite, Marble and Wood to Laminate and other finishes.

“I have known Stephen for 30 odd years, so we were not completely unknown to each other before we started on the kitchen, but I hadn’t done serious business with him at all. In general terms the way he brought together the plumber, the electrician, the floor layer – some of whom had already worked for me before – he co-ordinated it all very well indeed. We managed the project together, although he did more than I did.

“I have complete confidence in Stephen. I felt confident before I started, but I had no reason through the whole process to change my mind at all. He’s very professional, his build quality is absolutely first class – no problem there at all.

Jeremy Ashmore, Alresford